Upon reaching the town of Parrsboro, proceed along Main Street until you reach the junction of Two Island Road on the left, just past the huge red stone building. It's only a 5 minute drive on Two Island Road before you see the golf course on your right.


Although this short (2343 yards) nine-hole course may at first glance appear rather easy, it can be a challenge, especially the par 3's. A perfect example is #7. Not only is the green not fully visible from the tee, but the yardage is long (209), the green slopes sharply away from front to back, and there is an old apple tree growing right in the green. Should your ball roll off the back, you're down a 5-foot bank among more apple trees. Parring this hole is a real accomplishment!

The location and scenery

The scenery is absolutely fantastic! It has been acclaimed by many as " one of the most scenic in Canada." The front deck of the clubhouse (as well as most of the course) gives a panoramic view across the Minas Basin with the Noel and Walton shores to one's left, then the mouth of the Avon River, the Medford shore and the town of Wolfville; then a perfect view of Cape Blomidon all the way to Cape Split. Looking to the right (west), you can see Partridge Island and historic Ottawa House, finishing with the entrance to Parrsboro Harbour. Add to that the rise and fall of the highest tides in the world, and occasionally some fog, and you may see the picture change from hour to hour. Also clearly visible is the Minas channel, the planned site for a new "in the water" tidal power project.

The Clubhouse

The clubhouse, built in 2000, replaced the the cozy, quaint but inefficient old farmhouse which served well from the club's beginnings in the 1930s. It was built largely with volunteer labour on the exact site as the old, and takes full advantage of the magnificent view. The main area will comfortably seat 70 and has been the scene of receptions, weddings,dances and other events. The club welcomes all enquiries regarding the use of this fine facility. Our menu emphasizes light, tasty fare (nothing deep fried), with premium coffee, ideally suited to busy golfers and guests. We are of course fully licensed.

The Parrsboro Open

The highlight of the season is the Parrsboro Open, held in mid-September every year since its inception in 1980. Many of the pros and amateurs have returned year afer year, not only for the keen competition, but the informal hospitality, which usually includes a jam session, a dance, a clambake, a steak BBQ and some tasty breakfasts.



New members pay a one-time Membershp Certificate fee of $100 which gives them access to all the PGC facilities except for playing privileges.


  • Family: $820 plus tax
  • Couples: $755 plus tax
  • Adults: $500 plus tax
  • Student: $250 plus tax
  • Junior: $140 plus tax -but new Juniors can pay $80 plus tax - until June 30th (click here for information about the Juniors program)
  • Intermediate: $330 plus tax
  • Trail Fees - $75 plus tax

  • 9 holes: $25 tax included
  • 18 holes: $35 tax included.


  • Gas Cart Rental - 18 Holes - $ 20 + tax
  • Gas Cart Rental - 9 Holes - $15 + tax


    LUNCH — 11:00 a.m. until closing
    Prices do not include tax.
    Homemade Soup and Biscuit. $4.80
    Egg Salad. $3.85
    Ham and Cheese. $3.85
    Sliced Turkey. $3.85
    BLT. $3.85
    Bacon and Cheese. $3.85
    Western or Eastern. $4.75
    Club House. $6.50
    Grilled Cheese. $3.75
    Hot Dog. $3.00
    Hamburger. $4.60
    Cheeseburger. $5.00
    All the above include chips.

    BREAKFAST — 8:00 -11:00 a.m. (Weekends. 8:00 -12:00)
    Prices do not include tax.

    FULL BREAKFAST: 2 eggs, bacon or ham or sausage, baked beans, hash browns, toast, tea or coffee. $8.25. Without beans or hash browns, $7.00
    GOLF BALL SANDWICH (English muffin, egg, bacon, cheese) $6.00

    Bagel and Cream Cheese. $2.25
    Toast (2 pieces) $1.55
    Hash Browns $1.75
    Baked Beans. $1.75
    Bacon (3 pieces) $1.75
    2 Sausages $1.75
    Biscuit or Cinnamon Roll $1.30
    Tea or Coffee $1.50